Monday, April 9, 2012

The Egyptian "Gotham" City

In one of the most incredible scenes in what I believe to be the deepest comics based movies ever made ;"The dark Knight" , Heath Ledger ,playing the psychopathic criminal "The Joker" role said to the movie's protagonist "Batman" : "....To them, you're just a freak, like me ! ....". Assuring one of the facts that was clearly present earlier in the movie that it was only for the existence of "Batman" that "The Joker" existed and proving that "Newton" 3rd law ( Every action has a reaction ,of the same magnitude and the opposite direction) can also be applied on human society ,not only physics .

What happened in Egypt during the past seven days is quite similar to this . the Muslim Brotherhood ,suddenly changed their early-declared situation towards Presidential elections and decided that "Khairat ElShater" deputy of the general guide of the brotherhood and -according to many analyses , the MB's strong man- will run for presidency ,as a result to what they call the intransigent stand of the supreme council of armed forces (SCAF) against their demands to change the government for its complete failure to meet the Egyptian people expectations . The MB decision started a viral wave of severe attack against them ,either on media ,social media and even with regular citizens .The main points of criticism were accusing the brotherhood of :  breaking their earlier promises and trying to seize all kinds of authority on post-revolution Egypt in a reproduction of the former dissolved national democratic party (NDP)  which acquired nearly all aspects of the Egyptian political life .

Khirat ElShater ,for the majority of the Egyptian voting mass, is a mysterious man ,with very little information about him ,mainly his release of prison right after the ousting of Mubarak ,after nearly 5 years in prison after a military trial . With his long beard that makes him more closer to the look of a Salafi than a MB member , and his relatively huge body , he brought to their mind the image of the extremist Islamists as always being presented through Egyptian drama during 80's and 90's in their continuous counter-attacks against what the government used to call then "Terrorism" . While on the other hand ,for analysts and specialists of Egyptian politics , Elshater did not only present the MB's biggest source of finance being one of Egypt richest business man ,but also the main head of the conservative current inside the brotherhood .A fact that was assured after the firing of the more relatively moderate figure "AbdElmonem Abo El fotoh" few weeks after the 18 days of the revolution over a disagreement on whether to run for presidency or not ,ironically "Elshater" himslef was the brotherhood choice to join the presidential race a year after that was the reason for expelling Abo Elfotouh !

However, ElShater choice was not that fundamental base upon which many build their anti-brotherhood situation in Egypt , it is the fact that their different situations throughout the whole post year ,firstly by favoring SCAF policies against the revolution ,then their disappointing performance in the parliament of which they had the majority and lastly their acquisition (with fellow Islamic currents) of more than 50% of the foundational committee of the new constitution ,All of these appeared as if the MB is showing their muscles in the face of different political forces in Egypt as the only organized political force as well as  holding the majority of the elected parliament . Considered by many signs of how arrogant the brotherhood became after the huge transformation they have undergone from being political prisoners to taking the lead in the Egyptian political scene .

A few days after ,and in another tremendous surprise ,Omar Soliman (former head of the Egyptian Intelligence and former vice president as well)  declared that he will run for presidency on the behest of the Egyptian people's will , despite the fact that only 48 hours earlier he addressed an official statement to different media channels to announce he would not consider running for any political post again .

For many ,inside and outside Egypt , Soliman is considered to be the "Iron man" of the Egyptian regime ,with his rare appearance in any kind of media channels ,and through his connections with the CIA rendition program and El-Qaida memebrs torture . Soliman has gained a national reputation of being a probable project for a new ,yet more bloody, dictator ,with different controversies over his history as a man who is mainly considered about security ,no matter what the price will be .Adding his well-known good relation with Israeli officials as well as being Muabark's most trusted man may somehow affect his image for Egyptians as a trial to reproduce the old regime .yet the lack of security in Egypt and what is called by most regular Egyptian citizens "a complete chaos" will play an important role increasing Soliman chances in the next elections,after all people can trade their own freedom if their security was under serious threat , and in spite of the image of the freaky tyrant most of Egyptians have about Soliman .

With Egypt turning slowly to a new "Gotham City" and with the fear growing against the MB and the religious state they might bring ,there was an immidate need for a strong opposite opponenet , and when the brotherhood set their tone to the max by the candidacy of ElShater , other so-called civilian current should have a counter attack with an as strong candidate even if his own history has shades of blood on it , and hence there was Soliman . . but no matter how strong they really are ,no matter what their chances will be,and even the complete awareness of SCAF being the hidden Muppet master behind the presidential elections stage ,those 2 guys presenting "freaks " of either religious or civic tyranny ,It was not with out the existence of one of them that the other existed ,like once there were a joker ....and a dark knight .