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The Egyptian "Gotham" City

In one of the most incredible scenes in what I believe to be the deepest comics based movies ever made ;"The dark Knight" , Heath Ledger ,playing the psychopathic criminal "The Joker" role said to the movie's protagonist "Batman" : "....To them, you're just a freak, like me ! ....". Assuring one of the facts that was clearly present earlier in the movie that it was only for the existence of "Batman" that "The Joker" existed and proving that "Newton" 3rd law ( Every action has a reaction ,of the same magnitude and the opposite direction) can also be applied on human society ,not only physics .

What happened in Egypt during the past seven days is quite similar to this . the Muslim Brotherhood ,suddenly changed their early-declared situation towards Presidential elections and decided that "Khairat ElShater" deputy of the general guide of the brotherhood and -according to many analyses , the MB's …