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Decision Points - Or how we are being fooled again and again !

George W Bush new book ,"Decision Points",is really making the scene all over the world.All newspapers ,magazines and websites are talking about it .the book -as announced- is an autobiography of Bush's 8 years in the white house focusing on the critical moments and decisions like Afghanistan and Iraq war,and September 11.
well,from one perspective ,it is good to read what did he really think when he took such critical decisions ,which did not only affect the states or even the whole word ,it affected a whole era and I do believe this influence will last for decades (if not centuries ),but the question,should you believe a liar's memoir ???I mean come on ,if all thieves wrote their autobiography ,they will say they were stealing out of poverty and need ,if all assassins wrote their autobiography ,they will say they were just so nervous and could not hold their temper ,and also I believe if any politician wrote his autobiography, he will definitely lie !always have and always will !
There is another thing ,all over the world and specially in a country like USA,there are certain facts that are never allowed to be published or revealed by any means,the JFK assassination is just an example (till now no one can tell for sure why he was killed and more importantly who "really" killed him) and many many other examples including the Nixon recordings and even Marilyn Monroe death  ! (and this is of course from an American point of view,because for a middle eastern,Arab and Muslim typical guy me nothing will justify many things the Bush administration did even if the truth was told .)

Another thing that is really making me so much suspicious about the whole thing,these capitalism and corporates games which I am really sick of !....every successful book must be turned into a movie...every trivial and useless goods must have a fancy TV commercial so people can buy it without even thinking they need it or not ,and of course every politician must write his own memoirs especially if he was as controversial as George W Bush....this of course means more fuss..more people talking about it and of course more money for the publishers !

so,I guess the question now is more clear ,Do I buy the memoirs of liar ?????or should I totally ignore the whole thing and try to convince myself that the book cover that pop up into my face in every website I open does not even exist ????Well,,,there is a famous Egyptian proverb that says (I will try to translate it as clear as I can)  "Repeating the same words over and over again works even stronger than magic"....and I do not think I am immune against "stronger than magic" kind of stuff !!!!!


  1. Good points. Of course I agree, and the Republicans agree too :D
    I think the authors (yes authors, I doubt that Bush can write a book about cooking) of this book are not targeting you or me or Noam Chomsky :D

    They know their consumers very well, and it will work perfectly with them as usual.

    Democracy is all about Quantitative measures not Qualitative ones.

  2. I Like and Agreeeee with your Disagree about being fooled again and again:)..


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