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Decision Points - Or how we are being fooled again and again !

George W Bush new book ,"Decision Points",is really making the scene all over the world.All newspapers ,magazines and websites are talking about it .the book -as announced- is an autobiography of Bush's 8 years in the white house focusing on the critical moments and decisions like Afghanistan and Iraq war,and September 11. well,from one perspective ,it is good to read what did he really think when he took such critical decisions ,which did not only affect the states or even the whole word ,it affected a whole era and I do believe this influence will last for decades (if not centuries ),but the question,should you believe a liar's memoir ???I mean come on ,if all thieves wrote their autobiography ,they will say they were stealing out of poverty and need ,if all assassins wrote their autobiography ,they will say they were just so nervous and could not hold their temper ,and also I believe if any politician wrote his autobiography, he will definitely lie !always have and…