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Shutter "Insanity" Island

Actually I don't have much to write about the movie . the annoying thing is that I have a kind of "State of Equilibrium" towards's not a masterpiece ,not Like Martin Scorsese's ones at least,but yet it's not a total failure kind of thing or a complete disappointment.maybe it has some kind of slow rhythm .maybe the plot itself is not so much innovative ,but I do believe Marty played this one well ,some may call the film main theme is somehow similar to "The Sixth Sense" or "The Others",but that feeling of mystery and uncertainty is the key of this very movie superiority to others alike .I read a comment yesterday about it that may sum up the whole point ,it says "When did you last wait to the last moment of the movie to figure out all the details?" and this is I guess Martin Scorsese's added Magic to commonly used plot .

The movie poses some questions you cant help but to think of it .Who says you are insane ??you or other people ?if they do ,then what would make you believe them ?if yourself is telling you "YOU ARE NOT" .moreover,what if they who claims your insanity are not trustworthy ?even If they have evidences on what they say ,how can you trust them ??.there is a scene in the movie where "Teddy Daniels"-Leonardo DiCaprio meets who is supposed to be Dr Rachel ,a young female psychiatrist who assumingly ran away from the medical institution after discovering the horrible things they make to their patients ,and that scene I do believe holds the key to the whole movie with such a very well written dialogue between both of them,thers is that line that precisely delivers what the movie makers wanted to say ,"Think of it that way ,once you are declared insane then every thing that you do is called part of this insanity ,you reasonable protests are called denial .your valid fears are called paranoia.your survival instincts are called defensive mechanism .It's a no-win situation" .

I liked Mark Ruffalo's performance as well.he really made a great job out there with that kind of 50's American accent which he really mastered it .and of course ,Leonardo DiCaprio continues to his excellence which I do believe owe much of it to being Marty's new golden boy ,the thing that made us enjoy the real actor within that pretty face in movies like "Aviator" and "The departed". There is also that really good soundtrack which was well selected by Robbie Robertson and was precisely fit in just the right moments through all over the movie .I did liked the selection and the good control in music level according to the theme of the scene . I really did not like casting "Ted Levine" in the role of "Warden" neither did I like the dialogue he had with Leo "Teddy Daniels" though some people might think he did a great job and the conversation was one of the movie memorable moments.but I just dont like the idea of hiring the same actor for the same kind of roles every now and then ,and "Levine" has been acting like a "cop" in mostly the whole past 8 years ,with 7 consequent seasons as "Monk"'s TV series leading police officer Captain Stottlemeyer .It is not that I dont like him or his performance ,but for god's sake 8 years in the same role is a really "Too much" kind of thing .maybe he just accept the role to work with Marty.but Marty should not have fallen for that stereotype casting .

Well,"Shutter Island" is a movie with the name "Martin Scorsese" on the poster.this may be a good reason to watch it .but,a great movie may make you think of it for days and remember for years after . also a bad movie will be forgotten may be even before you got home from the theater. However,a good movie has his moments that some how may pop out a light over your head every now and then while watching it with some memorable quotes to think deeply of . And I do believe we can easily call "Shutter Island " a good movie !
"If you are not crazy but people have told that you are .well,then all your protests to the contrary just underscore their point !"*
*My favorite "Shutter Island" quote .


  1. Well Sharif, almost I can say I totally agree with your post. I just wanted to confirm on few things;

    First Sound Track; really it was very simple, maybe you feel it is not new at all in another simple words kind of easy music that depends on the rhythm only. But really it was very effective and fitting. At least it makes you looking for who played it & mention his name after that “Robbie Robertson”

    Secondly “Mark Ruffalo”, who really played a great role in this movie but in a very simple and easy way and that’s why he did a great job. This is why such a movie success. Everyone believes in his role & character. You can notice him from the beginning of the movie and at the end when everything changes you like his performance too and looking backward it was very convincing.

    Third will be about the Dialog which was written professionally – I believe by Laeta Kalogridis – especially that scene you mentioned between Teddy & Dr. Richelle & the last conversation between Teddy & Chuck or Dr. Shihan it depends on you and no body knows. I believe you got it but I don’t have to discuss it in details as maybe people who are reading this didn’t watch the movie yet

    Finally I am going to take your quote “Well,"Shutter Island" is a movie with the name "Martin Scorsese" on the poster. This may be a good reason to watch it”
    Martin Scorsese still has his scheme.

  2. Thanks Alot Fo2sh for ur nice comment...I really enjoyed reading it


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